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Low-cost, targeted, online solutions maximizing ROI

Easy to navigate sites that meet the needs of your audience

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Strategic Outreach

Tools and insights to build connections and engagement


Drive reader education, interest and action

Improving Visibility

Build relationships that push you ahead of the competition


The name "Spundl" arose from the concept of an integrated, "spun" approach to digital marketing and communications - combining the best of the digital components. With expertise across the spectrum of marketing solutions, from user-centered web design to digital media ad planning, I can help you achieve your business goals. Connect with me on LinkedIn to start the conversation.


"Mollie is unbelievably thorough and her attention to detail is unrivaled. Her direction is always clear and concise - never leaving anything to question."

Joe Gugliuzza via LinkedIn

Former CEO of JigSaw Creative Group

"Mollie is extremely organized, thoughtful, strategic and dedicated in all of her work."

Francesca Dea, CAE via LinkedIn

Former Executive Director of The Obesity Society

"In the years that Mollie worked for The Obesity Society, I saw the society's visibility grow significantly and its messages resonate in earned media."

Ted Kyle, RPh via LinkedIn

Principal, ConscienHealth

Mollie Turner Wiard


Over my 17-year marketing and communications career, the past five years have been the most transformative. I've challenged myself, advancing my expertise in digital marketing strategy, specifically in analytics and automation, with a focus on call-to-action (CTA) marketing. I've taken risks that have led me to develop a refined business acumen, and a skill set that allows me support employers and clients with proven, impactful strategies. 


Most recently, I've incorporated cutting-edge marketing tactics - from programmatic advertising to conversion tracking - to launch highly effective, digital campaigns successfully increasing product sales and engagement. Over two years, my most recent work has led to a 700% increase in online engagement, a 7% increase in conference attendance for two consecutive years, and a 7.2% increase in non-dues revenue.


I thrive on staying current on integrated marketing best practices, and have had the pleasure of applying this knowledge to support a variety of corporate and non-profit clients and employers. 

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