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Spundl means a "spun" approach to digital marketing and communications - combining the best of the digital components. Achieve your business goals through a spectrum of solutions, including content development, digital marketing, social media, web development/design and public relations. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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There’s no question - the marketing and communications profession has changed dramatically since I started my career 15 years ago. I’ll never forget the day my director and I pitched the idea of making that “risky” foray onto social media, which was Twitter and Facebook. Half of the room recoiled in fear, which was common among the C-Suite at the time. Back then even surfing the web was considered a lightweight pastime, often with minimal value. And executives threw around the buzzword “blogosphere” in an effort to capture the emergence of online news channels and independent websites and blogs – like they were one and the same.


Every step of the way, I’ve loved experiencing the transition of the profession from a rather narrow focus on media relations, direct mail, letter writing and in-person meetings to a vast and ever-evolving spectrum of low-cost, high-impact digital tools. Whether selling a product, managing a crisis or driving legislation, I’m grateful to have experienced the evolution. My work with non-profits, corporations, small businesses and start-ups has enabled me to build my expertise to not only optimize these digital tools, but drive reach and engagement through SEO, content marketing, digital marketing and, especially, social media.


Organized. Thoughtful. Thorough. Strategic. Dedicated. These are all words that my past employers, colleagues and clients have used to describe me - and my work. I’m excited to be able to bring these talents along with my expertise in digital solutions to the small business and startup communities. I created Spundl Digital Strategies to offer a “spun” approach to digital marketing and communications to my clients – combining the best of the digital components to maximize ROI.