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Mollie Turner

My passion is for creating and building. I strive to see results. For 17 years, I've worked internally and as a consultant to create, build and deploy successful integrated digital campaigns. 

Clients & Employers

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows you to promote your product or brand while measuring impact, so you can adjust and retarget based on what works. I’ve worked with multiple non-profits and small businesses to creatively deploy low-cost, high-impact digital marketing campaigns with tactics ranging from search ads to online videos.

Website Development & Design

Website UX / UI Development & Design

A website is today's version of a first impression and can set you apart from your competitors. Over many years, I've worked to refine my skill set in designing and modernizing websites to improve navigation, reach and engagement. 

Social Media

Two billion people are interacting on social media. If you’re not effectively engaged on at least one platform, you’re missing opportunities! Today, there are many tools that make engagement easy. I can help build your network.

Social Media
Freelance Writing & Editing

Content Development

Every business has a story to be told. Throughout my career, I've worked to develop my writing to drive reader interest and action. From online newsletters to complex, scientific communications, I've produced pieces that increase brand identity and compel issue advocacy.

Public Relations & Influence

A solid reputation is key to standing out from your competitors. A positive news story, strategic relationship or creative event can do wonders for improving brand or issue awareness. I have expertise in supporting non-profits and corporations by identifying and connecting with the right people to meet long-term goals. Collaboratively, we can establish and nurture relationships with key contacts to support your mission.

Public Relations
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